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Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park Amazing, refreshing, well-paced book with an incredible plot twist. I simply adore the characters, everybody is whole and has realistic traits even if they are a member of the Watkins household. Julie is a believable, balanced figure, terribly selfless and humane. She's just a "normal" girl- though you have to define normal for yourself - she likes shopping, flirting, hanging out, etc. What makes her special is her actions concerning the relationships. She breaks it off with Seth when it becomes clear that she's falling in love with Finn which is totally admirable. How many heroines have we seen, who ran into another pair of arms, when everything had gone wrong? I love Matty. After the Christmas scene I sort of figured out - on the way to my extra Math lessons - that he's Finn, and the original person is dead. Tiny hints were hidden in the book - like Matt is always online and in time to write to Julie, also the name "Finn is God" is very telling. (Finn's in another sphere with God.) But it still managed to shock me when it was confirmed in the book. (And not to talk about the small heart attack I had on the tram when I compiled the evidence.)The ending is okay, I missed a little bit of emotional conversation about what had happened, but regardless I'm giddy and impressed relating to the closure of Flat Finn and this wonderful story.