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Hunter's Prayer: The Jill Kismet Books: Book Two

Hunter's Prayer - Lilith Saintcrow The second book in the Jill Kismet series is better than the previous one, in my opinion. Night Shift is full of angst and reminiscence of the past which make the story a little bit slow for my taste, but paint a clear picture of our heroine.Back to Hunter's Prayer - the plot is fantastic. I've never figured out anything in time so all those twists really shocked me. I like the balanced relationship between Saul and Jill. Though Kismet is the boss of the city, she doesn't overshadow her werecougar boyfriend even a little bit. Dustcircle stays placid in most situations, handles Jill's insecurities and decisions really well. Despite the fact that he's a mated werecougar, he's not overwhelmingly protective or controlling in contrast to the usual paranormal male leads.Well, Jill is kick-ass. There's no better word to describe her properly. She's competent, but remains humane with her struggles and rash decisions. She also has a potty mouth - the only thing I don't like in this book. I may be a little old-fashioned, yet I don't it's necessary to swear so frequently in these circumstances. It kind of hurts my sensibilities.Poor Perry, the devil we know. I sort of pity him because if you look closer, you can see that he does a lot of things in order to protect and not to mention woo Kismet. (Think of the ring and the necklace.) Unfortunately, he rubs her the wrong way and makes a lot of mistakes. He's sweet in a twisted way...